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root collar excavation is vital to your tree's survival!

A buried root collar is a serious health issue for a tree. It is a common issue in the landscape and can jeopardize your tree's survival. 

root collar excavation

"It’s just dirt and mulch piled around the base of the trunk!"

 The roots of a plant are able to grow in the soil and soak up moisture. The trunk is not. It grows above ground where conditions are dry.

But when mulch or dirt is piled around the base of a trunk (this area is called the root collar), it stays moist thereby suffocating cells due to water saturation. This harms the cells of the trunk.

root collar excavation

This allows the roots to grow around the trunk. strangling the tree and deprives roots and canopy of essential Nutrients.

As the tree declines in health, it becomes more susceptible to attack from insects and diseases, which cause further harm to your tree.

The Solution!

The excavation must be done using an an air tool powered by compressed air, such as an Air Spade.

Using digging tools instead of compressed air will damage the tree’s roots and cause more harm than good.

root collar excavation
root collar excavation

Root collar excavation is imperative for the survival and well-being of your trees.

By enabling the improved air circulation and reduce the risk of potential issues like root rot and girdling roots. The root collar plays a crucial role in nutrient and water absorption, and when it's kept free from excess soil, the tree can thrive more effectively. This essential practice facilitates a healthier root system, promotes overall tree vitality, and is a key factor in preventing long-term structural and health issues.

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